So we have operated a beard wax, oil, balm, products company since 2013. We were fed up by a few things . . . so we set out to change them.

Firstly there we’re and still are some great products out there. But on the whole the products we tried fell short, the packaging was awesome and the endorphins were flowing but after using the products the sheen seemed to fall off quite rapidly.

So we wanted to make the best Beard products out there, ones that firstly work and secondly don’t skimp on ingredient quality just to make a few quid.

So over the course of 2 years we tried, failed, tried again and finally succeeded – now with nearly 10,000 sales on Amazon we are on the right track.

Oh yeah, the other thing . . . we’re not and never will be  fucking Lumberjacks!

I don’t know about you but the closest we get is a checked shirt and a beard, we go to the forest maybe twice, three times a year at a push but to spend time with the family and kids not to chop down a giant redwood or make handmade leather goods – bloody dreamland . . . oh and we don’t wear tweed suits, don’t think sherlock holmes is a stylish bitch and also we’re not sailors, we’re fucking misfit-Pirates!

We like tattoos, music, beers, BBQ’s and pissing around with our mates . . . I’m pretty sure if your here that you may share a few of our values.

Welcome to Electric Beard Co.
Your very welcome here.